All About The Brows

Our aestheticians offer an array of brow services to make you feel and look your best. Your brows are the frame to your face. Brow services include waxing, tinting and lamination your brows.

Brow waxing is the removal of hair by heated wax to create a more polished shape and appearance. Brow tinting allows us to apply a topical tint for approximately 3-5 minutes to temporarily change the color of your brow hair. Brows cannot be lightened, but are able to be tinted to better match your hair color or appear fuller. Brow Lamination allows us to create a fuller looking brow by applying a perm solution that causes your brow hair to stand up straight thus covering any gaps or thinning in the hair. We recommend monthly appointments for brow lamination to maintain best results.

What do I need to avoid before waxing, tinting, or laminating?

The main thing we want you to avoid before any brow service is the use of any active products like retinol, chemical exfoliants, etc. This is because it can cause sensitivity in the skin and create potential for adverse reactions when completing the brow service. 

Can tinting, waxing, and laminating be performed together?

Absolutely! We often recommend these services together for a full transformation.

How long will my brow services last?

We recommended coming in once a month to maintain your brow wax, tint, and/or lamination.

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