Beauty is more than skin deep.

It’s a feeling of confidence that starts from within. At Brooke Nix Medical Aesthetics, we are proud to offer additional options to enhance healthy living and promote health and wellness, coinciding with healthy skin. Taking care of yourself from all aspects is imperative, which is why we offer the following services.

Brooke Nix Medical Aesthetics is a proud partner with The Steel Room promoting overall health and wellness through customized nutritional education, exercise guidance & personal accountability. Through our partnership, we are able to help our patients achieve their goals in many ways, including those who are interested in receiving CoolSculpting® treatment who may not initially be an eligible candidate. Contact us to learn more about how The Steel Room could benefit you today!

B12 Injections

Improve your mood, energy, and concentration with B12 injections! B12 helps to maintain proper bodily functions, ensuring the body is running correctly. Not only can these injections improve your overall lifestyle, they are a natural way to boost your immunity and metabolism. B12 injections are a great alternative for those who do not naturally have the appropriate levels of B12 in their system. Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine the B12 treatment plan that is right for you!


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